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eine Initiative von DFECHEMA und VDI-GVC
Nanomaterials for Biomedical Technologies 2012
über ProcessNet

Nanomaterials for Biomedical Technologies 2012

06. - 07.März 2012, Frankfurt am Main

Nanomaterials in biomedical applications either in vitro or in vivo have raised high expectations for new and ground breaking diagnostic and therapeutic solutions in health care and are already moving from the laboratory bench to clinical application. The success of nanomaterials in these fields is founded on our advanced understanding of molecular mechanisms in biology, the progress of nanostructure sciences in physics, chemistry, and engineering, and our quickly improving ability to mimic biological signals by increasingly complex synthetic structures and interaction functionalities. Examples are well defined branched macromolecular architectures, tertiary assemblies, conjugates with biomolecules, inorganic-organic hybrid structures, reversibly linked superstructures, particulate assemblies and nanoobjects.
Biomolecule ligation, molecular recognition, molecularly programmed and adaptive structure formation, self-healing properties, molecular energy conversion systems and replication ability can enable a novel interactivity to effect living organisms with a yet not known precision and specificity.
Emphasis will be put on

  • new concepts for targeted drug, gene and protein delivery, and overcoming physiological barriers,
  • materials for molecular imaging, diagnostics,
  • multifunctional coatings and
  • bioresponsive materials.

In order to promote the advancement in the emerging field ofnanomedicine, the conference will aim on bringing together expertsfrom different disciplines from academy and industry to discuss thescope and recent progress in the field and stimulate morecollaborative efforts.

For young researchers it is possible to request financial support by the organizers. Please tick the corresponding checkbox on the application form. Support is not guaranteed, depending on the number of applications the committee will decide whom to support, so please wait for notification!


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